Bill Gates shocks India, says – developing countries should not give Corona vaccine formula

Microsoft co-founder and the world’s top businessman Bill Gates has said that the Coronavirus Formula should not be given to developing countries.

Washington. At present, the whole world is suffering from global epidemic coronavirus. In this difficult time, vaccine is currently being considered as an effective way to avoid this deadly virus. But meanwhile, Microsoft co-founder and world’s top businessman Bill Gates has come under criticism for not sharing vaccines with developing countries. In fact, in an interview with Sky News, Bill Gates was asked to withdraw the protection of Intellectual Property Right from the vaccine and share it with the countries of the world, so will it help in getting the vaccine to everyone?

On this, Bill Gates said in a flat tone, ‘No.’ He said, ‘There are many vaccine factories in the world and people are very serious about vaccine safety. Yet the drug formula should not be shared. There is a difference between a Johnson & Johnson factory in the US and a factory in India. We make the vaccine with our own money and expertise. Bill Gates further said that the formula of vaccine is not like any recipe that it can be shared with anyone. And it is not just a matter of intellectual property. To make this vaccine, a lot of care has to be taken, testing has to be done, it has to be tried. Everything is observed and tested very carefully while making the vaccine. read this also: 

India got support of UN in Corona crisis, said- We will help ‘rich countries gave themselves priority for vaccines first’ Bill Gates did not stop here. He further said that it is no surprise that rich countries have given themselves priority for vaccines first. Bill Gates said, it is true that even those in the age group of 30 years are getting vaccinated in the US and UK, but in Brazil and South Africa, 60 years are not getting vaccinated. this is unfair. Countries facing severe corona crisis will get the vaccine in two-three months. Bill Gates meant that once vaccination was completed in developed countries, vaccines would be provided to poor countries as well.

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