Corona is playing China by relying on help in the midst of crisis? Ban on cargo planes coming to India with medical supplies


On the one hand, due to Corona, on the one hand, China had extended a helping hand in the event of a crisis in India, on the other hand it has also pulled this hand. Indeed, China’s state-owned Sichuan Airlines has postponed all its cargo (cargo) flights to India for the next 15 days. This has caused a major hurdle for private traders to get the much-needed oxygen concentrator and other medical supplies from Beijing. The company has taken this step despite the Chinese government offering assistance to India in view of the growing cases of Kovid-19.

“We are closely monitoring the state of the epidemic in India,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said in a press conference on Monday in response to questions about Sichuan Airlines’ postponement of cargo flights to India. Our sympathies are with India for the serious situation. We have said that we are ready to help India in the first available opportunity in the fight against the virus. Both sides are discussing in this regard.

postponement of cargo flights to India has resulted in the suspension of cargo flights by agents and consignees who are trying to buy oxygen concentrators from China. There are also complaints that Chinese producers have reduced the price of oxygen equipment from 35 Has increased up to 40 percent. Freight charges have also been increased by about 20 percent. On the question of increasing the price of medical supplies sent to India by Chinese manufacturers, Wang said, “India is ready to buy medical supplies from China, I understand it, it is a commercial activity.” Wang declined to comment on the Sichuan Airlines’ decision to postpone the cargo flight to India.

The letter issued by the marketing agent of Sichuan Chuanhang Logistics Corporation Limited, part of Sichuan Airlines, states that the airline is postponing its cargo service on six routes, including Xi’an-Delhi. The news agency ‘PTI-Bhasha has seen the letter issued by the company in this regard. Accordingly, the company said, “In view of the sudden change in the state of the pandemic (India), this decision has been taken with the aim of reducing the incidence of infections coming from outside. Therefore, it has been decided to postpone flights for the next 15 days. The letter states, ‘The Indian route has always been the main strategic route of Sichuan Airlines. This postponement will cause heavy losses to our company. We apologize for this unchanged situation. ‘ According to the letter, the company will review the decision in the next 15 days.

Will buy oxygen problem
that will hinder buying fast oxygen Consontretr by businessmen of the two countries decided to Sichuan Airlines and send India said sending company Siddharth Sinha of cyanobacteria global logistics goods in Shanghai. He said that it would be more challenging to send these devices now, they would have to be sent by various airlines through Singapore and other countries which would delay the supply of these much-needed equipment. Sinha said that the postponement of flights citing the status of Kovid-19 in India is surprising as no crew members going to India are diverted and only members of the same crew bring the aircraft back.

China’s ambassador to India Sun Weidong said in a tweet that his country supports India in tackling the Kovid-19 epidemic. He said in the tweet, “We will motivate Chinese companies to cooperate in the supply of medical goods to India.”

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