Iraq: 82 killed and 110 injured in a fire in a hospital treating corona patients in Baghdad

In the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, 82 people died and 110 others were injured late Saturday after a fire broke out in an oxygen cylinder in a hospital treating patients with the corona virus. Tried and took out patients from ‘Ibn al-Khatib Hospital’. Serious patients of Kovid-19 were being treated in the Intensive Care Cell (ICU) of this hospital.

“I don’t know how many people have been killed, there are burnt bodies in many places in the hospital,” said Dr. Saba al-Kujai, who was present at the scene. Iraq’s Interior Security Ministry reported that in addition to 82 people killed At least 110 people have been injured. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Mustafa Al Qadimi has removed the appointed director general for the al-Rusafa region in the Baghdad Health Department. This hospital in the same area

 He has also removed the director of the hospital from his post. According to the statement issued by the Health Ministry, after the fire incident, the Prime Minister called an emergency meeting in Baghdad Operation Command in which Iraqi security officials coordinated. This was due to negligence. He said, “In such cases, negligence cannot be a mistake but a crime for which all parties are responsible.”

The Prime Minister asked the authorities to investigate the matter in 24 hours and submit a report. UN envoy in Iraq, Jenin Henis Placecart, expressed grief over the incident and called for more security measures in hospitals. At least one oxygen cylinder exploded due to the explosion of more than 8,000 new cases of Kovid-19 in Iraq. The government is requesting people to get vaccinated but people are not coming forward due to the country’s poor health system and lack of trust in vaccines.

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