India on a coup in Myanmar: a dilemma between country interest and democracy 

We are going through difficult times in terms of mutual relations with neighboring countries. In today’s circumstances, if India follows traditional policies, then its interests are damaged and if it wants to protect the interest of the country, then democratic beliefs can be curtailed. In such a situation, it is also true that majority opinion will be in favor of the interest of the country. Democratic values ​​and ideals are fragmented in every period. Relations between India and Myanmar are facing the same vexation. The army has taken over the reins of power by overthrowing the elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi.

Now religion is confronting India. Even if he supports Suu Kyi’s democracy, how? Suu Kyi had openly threatened India by joining hands with the enemy country China. Myanmar’s army has never caused trouble, at least for India, even in history. Not even when Suu was under house arrest and was receiving widespread support from India for the restoration of democracy. The army was very powerful there in those days. If seen, the coup over there is good from the point of view of Indian interests. The path on which Suu was walking was not at all befriending Hindustan. It is a matter of the fact that no civilized society will call it cruel and violent in order to crush the supporters of democracy. In two months, more than five hundred protesters have become targets of the army’s bullet. And when the army or police of any nation shoots, they forget the difference between their foreigners.

In fact, the behavior of this leader of Myanmar was felt strange and strange to foreign policy experts about two years ago, when pointing out clearly to India that some countries interfered in the affairs of other countries on the pretext of human rights, ethnicity and religion. Want to do Myanmar wants to tell them that it will no longer accept any such intervention in their country. That was stated after Suu Kyi signed 33 agreements with Chinese President Xi Jinping. He made it clear that Myanmar has changed. Now he is no longer a hanger of India and will not take any guarantee to protect India’s interests in future. Suu Kyi even said that his country will always stand with China. Having studied in India in her youth, Suu Kyi has been considering India as her second home. But he made many such agreements with China,

What should India do in such a situation? Support the rule of the anti-democracy army, which has always maintained a good relationship with India or contribute to strengthening India’s fierce and pro-democracy Suu Kyi, which sang the songs of India throughout its age and while sitting in government , Then went to China’s court. What does it mean for India to nurture such infertile relationships, which only grow a crop of betrayal in the name of democracy? It is believed that India did not play an active role in dealing with the Rohingya problem and China had secretly signed Myanmar with Bangladesh in the US. If Myanmar is hostile towards India, what can anyone do? Then Suu Kyi should look into her own way. If China today is not speaking in favor of Myanmar’s army for Suu Kyi, what are the reasons for that? It is clear that Suu Kyi has lost the moral ground of being angry with India’s silence.

It is also necessary to consider the side of Myanmar’s army once more. The military’s allegation cannot be taken lightly that Suu Kyi was acting against Myanmar’s interests and indulged in corruption. The army also alleges that she was messing with the constitution. Since she could not become president due to her marrying a foreign national, she made one of her puppet supporters president and then thought of herself above the constitution. It is interesting to know that the army killed a large number of Rohingyas by keeping Suu Kyi in the dark, but Suu Kyi defended the military’s move to the United Nations. He then lost his global image. She had forgotten that thirty-three percent of the votes were enough to form a government again, but under the Constitution, the army is not weak.

It is clear that Suu Kyi is not going to get relief for a long time now. She is reaping what she sowed. In this case, why should India support them now? Democracy and integrity in other countries may sound good to us, but not at the cost of India’s own interests. The three major forces of Asia, Russia, China and India are silent on military action. How much the countries of the West and Europe will protest cannot be said. After all, we also remember 1988, when this army had killed thousands of its citizens and was watching the whole world.

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